Fall Fit


Shirt: Kamakura (similar), Tie: Lands End (similar), Jacket: Hickey (similar), Pocket Square: Polo, Watch: Timex, Strap: the Knottery (similar), Belt: LL Bean (similar), Pants: Uniqlo (similar), Socks: Gold Toe, Shoes: Allen Edmonds (similar

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The Classic Blue OCBD

I’ve been wearing a lot of blue OCBDs casually this summer as I go on hikes and to the dog park with my new dog, Clio. OCBDs are famous for their ability to be dressed up or down (much has been written on this elsewhere and I won’t bore you with my derivative version here), and these days my favorite one is the Classic Blue Oxford from Luxire.

There are a few reasons I think it’s great. One is the collar roll. Since Luxire makes custom shirts, you can specify every detail of the collar to best reproduce the classic OCBD collar rolls of mid-century Brooks Brothers, contemporary Mercer & Sons, or something more Italian a la Barba, etc. I’ve dialed in a collar that I’m pretty happy with worn buttoned or unbuttoned.

At $59 for the Classic Blue Oxford, Luxire’s price is very competitive. It’s not the cheapest you’ll find—I think Target sells a nice OCBD through its Merona line, and Uniqlo also has a solid one which I’ve written about before. What you don’t get from those less expensive options however, is a collar with a great roll. If that’s not a huge concern of yours, and money is, then by all means I think Target and Uniqlo offer great options. If a great roll is your end game though, I think it’s probably hard to beat Luxire.

Prior to getting some custom OCBDs made up by Luxire, I often scoured thrifts, ebay, and various menswear classified boards for new or gently used Brooks Brothers Made in USA Supima Cotton OCBDs in their slim and extra slim fits. Those collars have a very good roll to them, and were very nicely made to boot. Colors were limited however, and even for a nice used specimen prices started climbing over the $20 mark.

So I ultimately settled on ordering some shirts from Luxire. There are plenty of oxford cottons priced at $60, and the ability to specify every dimension of a shirt at that cost seemed a bargain—especially compared to Brooks’ retail prices, and even compared to their several annual sale prices.

In any case…since I’m not editing this, and to forestall a descent into some tangential bloviating about nothing new (menswear blogging is fast becoming a paradigmatic example of ‘repetition with a difference’), I just wanted to post today about the fabric on Luxire’s Classic Blue Oxford, and say a few things about it that I prefer to Brooks Brothers’ Supima USA-made OCBDs that I hope you may find of use.

The Luxire oxford is made in Italy by Brembana, and is thinner than the Brooks Brothers Supima. I prefer this, as the BB one can feel a bit thick at times (though I admit there are situations when the heavier BB one is nice, i.e., on a cool day under a sweater, etc.). The lighter fabric makes it better for wearing under summer-weight sport coats, but is not too delicate to be worn with heavy tweed in the winter. The Luxire cloth is very soft, though in a different way than the BB. I imagine that neither one will feel ‘rough’ to the touch or against the skin. Though they both take an iron well, I prefer to hang mine up right out of the dryer and to wear them au naturel. To be sure, they’re both great shirts, but if you’ve got $60 to spend on an OCBD I think you’ll have a lot more fun with the Luxire.

Shirt: Luxire Classic Blue Oxford, $59

Tie: Ben Silver, thrifted $2